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Assorted Chocolate Box,
25 pc$49.00


Thierry's favorite $35.00


Milk Dried Fruit Bars,


Since it was DISCOVERED

chocolate has been considered a noble confection.

Either in bars, bonbons or drinks, chocolate is appreciated by so many for its taste and quality. But making chocolate is a long and complex process which takes years of experience to master. For Thierry Atlan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France chocolatier (Best Craftsman of France), making chocolate refers to using exceptional quality products. It means being able to create the perfect combination between the flavors of a ganache or praline and the chocolate.

From cocoa to truffles

each ingredient used in the confection of our chocolates is meticulously chosen.

Thierry’s knowledge and passion have always pushed him to reinvent his chocolate collections by seeking the best quality. 30 years ago, Thierry Atlan walked into the chocolate store of Mr Charpot in Troyes, France, where he did his apprenticeship, and fell in love with this magical material. For him, working with chocolate implies sharing passions of taste and of mastering.


As Thierry often says, “Delighting people is what matters.”


Thierry passed on his knowledge and passion

By consulting around the world for over 10 years.

Having worked with over 100 companies throughout the world, Thierry Atlan learned how to adapt himself and his chocolates to the cultural tastes and ingredients of the various countries he worked in. Thierry’s vision has always been to educate people on the quality of “chocolat à la française.”

Because chocolate is associated with pleasure

The emotions brought by each piece are an important aspect of our chocolates’ confection.

Each recipe has been elaborated with time to find the perfect balance between taste and texture. For Thierry Atlan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, it is important to constantly improve the quality and the taste of his chocolates.


Chocolate - Ganache or Praliné ? Taste it !


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Jivara Viennois with a touch of Whisky

This delicious hot chocolate was created by Thierry Atlan through Sugar and Plumm for the annual Hot Chocolate Festival organized by Valrhona in New York City.

Nicolas Sarkozy President of republique french

Thierry Atlan Elysée

Thierry Atlan with French president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

Empire Building
Salon du chocolat

The Empire Chocolate building At the Fancy Food Show

This piece was designed by Thierry Atlan and created by Antoine Tremblay for Le Salon du Chocolat at the Fancy Food Show in 2015. Thierry was invited as a special guest by Le Salon du Chocolat and was asked to create a chocolate sculpture that would represent New York City.

"Native from Amazon forest in South America, the chocolate comes from cocoa beans and has been discovered 3000 years ago. The Mayas and later the Aztecs have contributed to its fame. Through the centuries, the chocolate has become more popular and more affordable. Well known as a source of pleasure, the chocolate is now also recognized for its antioxidant benefits."

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The macarons

Part of the French tradition, macarons are often described as a small sweet treat. Making delicious macarons requires mastering techniques and precision. It also requires a selection of the best ingredients. All of our macarons are made with fresh almonds which gives them an incredible texture and taste. The recipes of our homemade jams and fillings were all created by Thierry Atlan throughout his years of experience.

SPIRITUAL. Passionate by astrology, Thierry always attempted to understand people and build strong interpersonal skills. This passion gives him a singular spirit that opens him to a world without limits.
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Chocolatier Thierry Atlan created the masterpiece easter egg

This gigantic Easter egg is made from milk, dark and white chocolates and costs a whopping $5,000. It took three full weeks and two people to create this entirely made of chocolate egg.

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The Geisha

In 1996, Thierry Atlan created “The Geisha” for Le Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition. The Geisha is his most detailed and complex chocolate sculpture. It took Thierry over 150 hours of work and 70 pounds of chocolate to create this masterpiece of almost 4 feet. Elegant and refined, The Geisha is a real work of art.

TECHNIQUE. Chocolate doesn’t have any more secrets for Thierry Atlan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Quality, confection, flavors, and colors are all aspects that Thierry masters.

Lenôtre School

Learning knowledge and passion

In 1990, Thierry Atlan started working for the prestigious Ecole Lenôtre as a chocolatier. With the help that he received from the school and from many others, Thierry Atlan became a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1997, and was the first MOF chocolatier working for Lenôtre.
After receiving his prestigious title, Thierry became the head of research and development for chocolate and a professor at l’Ecole Lenôtre.


Thierry is now writing a new page of his career in New York where he works as the vice president for Sugar and Plumm, owned and created by Lamia Jacobs. Sugar and Plumm is a high end wholesaler. “All of our chocolates and macarons are produced daily in our commissary located in New Jersey. We pride Ourselves in finding the finest ingredients for our chocolates and macarons.” Lamia Jacobs.

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